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Remote Sensing Data (satellite images, radar, and so on):

Geostationary Satellites


Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES West, ~122 West:

All of British Columbia except NW corner

Centered on Mt. Baker

Centered on Bend, OR

Centered on Oakland, CA

Centered on Lompoc, CA

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES West, ~117 West:

Centered on Hinton, AB

Centered on Castlegar, BC

Centered on Ontario, OR

Centered on Nevada

Centered on Temecula, CA

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES West, ~112 West:

All of Alberta

Centered on Fort MacLeod, AB

Centered on Idaho Falls, ID

Centered on Utah

Centered on Arizona

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES West, ~105 West:

All of Saskatchewan

All of ID, MT, ND, WY

Centered on Gillette, WY

Centered on Colorado

Centered on New Mexico

Centered on Big Bend National Park


Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~99 East:

All of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Lakes

All of ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, and Lake Manitoba

All of ND, SD, NE, IA, KS, MO

All of NE, KS, MO, OK, AR

All of Oklahoma & Louisiana

All of Texas

South Texas, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~96 East:

All of Manitoba

All of ND, SD, MN, WI, NE, IA, Chicago

All of ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, IL, KS, MO

All of NE, IA, KS, MO, OK, AR

All of OK, AR, Louisiana

Centered on Corpus Christi

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~88 East:

All of Ontario except SE corners

All of MN, WI, MI, IA, OH

All of IA, IL, IN, OH, MO, KY, TN

All of MO, KY, AR, TN, MS, AL, GA

All of Louisiana, MS, AL, GA

East Gulf: Houston, New Orleans, Everglades

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~83 East:

All of southern Hudson Bay & ON-QC border

All of Great Lakes

All of WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, WV, VA

All of IL, IN, OH, WV, VA, TN, NC, SC

All of KY, TN, AL, GA, SC

Centered on Florida, includes New Orleans

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~78 East:

Sault St. Marie to NE Quebec

All of LP, Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie

All of NY, OH, PA, NJ, WV, VA, MD

All of OH, PA, NY, WV, VA, MD, NC, SC

All of GA, NC, SC

All of Florida & Bahamas

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~73 East:

NE Lake Huron to NE Quebec

All of NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI

All of NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, PA, NJ, MY, DE

All of NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, PA, NJ, MY, DE, WV, VA

All of VA, NC, SC

Eastern Florida & Bahamas

Zoomed-out Vis, 29 frame, GOES East, ~69 East:

All of Quebec except extreme N & E

All of VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI

All of VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, NJ, DE

All of VT, MA, CT, RI, NJ, DE, Chesapeake Bay


11.2 um (band 14) 29 frame, Alaska & Canada, W to E:

All of Alaska

All of British Columbia & Alberta

All of Saskatchewan & Manitoba

All of Ontario

All of Quebec, NB, NS, NL, PEI

11.2 um (band 14) 29 frame, Lower 48, W to E:

All of the western US

All of the west-central US

All of the central US

All of the east-central US

All of the eastern US

Eastern US Coastline

11.2 um (band 14) 29 frame, Gulf & Caribbean:

Full Gulf of Mexico

NE Gulf of Mexico

North Caribbean


West Coast (in order from North to South, from GOES West):

GOES 30-frame animation Vancouver Island to Crater Lake, using band 2 (red) or most recent still

or Victoria to Crescent City, with my standard view from PDX or most recent still

or Seaside, OR to Lake Tahoe (centered on OR-CA-NV triple point) or most recent still

or Crescent City to Monterey (centered on Lake Tahoe) or most recent still

or Point Reyes to Catalina Island (centered on Monterey & Yosemite) or most recent still

or SoCal Bight (standard view from San Diego) or most recent still


Intermountain West (in order from North to South, from GOES West):

or Lethbridge, AB to Lincoln City, OR (centered on Coeur d'Alene) or most recent still

or Glacier NP to Crater Lake (centered on OR-WA-ID triple point) or most recent still

or The Dalles to Great Salt Lake (centered on Boise) or most recent still

or Monterey to Great Salt Lake (all of Northern & Central Nevada) or most recent still

or Reno to Lake Havasu (all of Southern & Central Nevada) or most recent still

or Oxnard to Northern Gulf of California (formerly Sea of Cortez) or most recent still


Western Rockies (in order from North to South, from GOES West):

or Yellowstone to SW Saskatchewan (centered on Missoula, MT) or most recent still

or SE Oregon to NE Montana (centered on Yellowstone) or most recent still

or Boise Idaho to NW Colorado (centered on SLC) or most recent still

or SW Idaho to 4-corners, containing all of Utah or most recent still

or Las Vegas to SE Arizona, containing all of Arizona or most recent still


Central Rockies (in order from North to South, from GOES West):

or Craters of the Moon to Lake Manitoba (centered on NE Montana) or most recent still

or SLC to NW Minnesota (centered on Black Hills of South Dakota) or most recent still

or Yellowstone to Denver, containing all of Wyoming or most recent still

or Las Vegas to Western Nebraska, containing all of Colorado Rockies or most recent still

or Salton Sea to Rocky Mountain NP (centered on 4-corners) or most recent still

or Salton Sea to New-Mexico-Arizona-Mexico-TriplePoint or most recent still


Eastern Rockies (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or NE Wyoming to SW Manitoba (centered on Theodore Roosevelt NP) or most recent still

or SW Wyoming to NW North Dakota (centered on Black Hills of South Dakota) or most recent still

or Yellowstone to NW Kansas (centered on Denver) or most recent still

or 4-corners to NW Nebraska, containing all of Colorado or most recent still

or SE Arizona to Western Oklahoma Panhandle, containing all of New Mexico or most recent still

or New-Mexico-Airzona-Mexico-TriplePoint to Coahuila, centered on Big Bend National Park, TX or most recent still


Western Plains (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Black Hills of South Dakota to Lake Manitoba, containing all of North Dakota or most recent still

or Eastern Wyoming to NE North Dakota, containing all of South Dakota or most recent still

or NE Colorado to NE South Dakota, containing all of Nebraska or most recent still

or NE New Mexico to NE Nebraska, containing all of Colorado Plains or most recent still

or TX Panhandle to NE Oklahoma, centered on Amarillo, TX or most recent still

or El Paso, TX to Corpus Christi, TX or most recent still

or Extreme South Texas or most recent still


Central Plains (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Centered on Fargo (parts of ND, SD, MN, IA, WI) or most recent still

or Centered on Omaha (parts of SD, MN, IA, MO, KS) or most recent still

or All of Kansas except extreme SW corner or most recent still

or All of Oklahoma except extreme Western OK Panhandle or most recent still

or Texas Gulf Coast Centered on Houston or most recent still


Eastern Plains to Ozarks (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Eastern Dakotas to Green Bay, WI, containing all of Minnesota or most recent still

or Eastern South Dakota to NW Illinois, containing all of Iowa or most recent still

or SE Nebraska to W Tennessee, containing all of Missouri or most recent still

or SE Kansas to Mississippi-Alabama Border, containing all of Arkansas or most recent still

or SE Oklahoma to Galveston Bay, containing all of Louisiana or most recent still


Western Great Lakes to Mobile Bay (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Lake Nipigon to Port Huron, MI, containing all of Lake Superior or most recent still

or Eastern Minnesota to Toledo, OH, containing all of Wisconsin & Lake Michigan or most recent still

or SE Iowa to Eastern Tennessee or most recent still

or SE Missouri to Western Georgia or most recent still

or SE Arkansas to SE Louisiana to Tallahassee or most recent still


Central Great Lakes to Florida (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Lake Superior to Lake Ontario containing all of Lake Huron or most recent still

or Upper Peninsula of Michigan to NW Maryland, containing all of Lake Erie or most recent still

or Eastern Indiana to Western North Carolina containing most of West Virginia or most recent still

or SE Tennessee to NE Florida, containing all of South Carolina or most recent still

or All of Florida except for extreme S and NW portions of the state or most recent still

or NE Florida, Centered on Cape Canaveral, FL or most recent still

or South Florida and all of the Florida Keys or most recent still


Eastern Great Lakes to South Carolina (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Eastern Lake Huron to Vermont, with all of upstate New York or most recent still

or Eastern Lake Huron to NYC, containing all of New York State except Montauk area or most recent still

or Cleveland to Virginia Beach, VA, containing all of Maryland & New Jersey or most recent still

or Southern Virginia to South Carolina centered on Cape Lookout, NC or most recent still


New England to South Carolina (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Eastern Lake Ontario to Maine, with all of Vermont & New Hampshire or most recent still

or Eastern Lake Ontario to Cape Cod, with all of MA, CT, RI, VT, and NH or most recent still

or NY State to Virginia Beach, centered on Montauk or most recent still


Nova Scotia to Cape Cod (in order from North to South, from GOES East):

or Lac Saint-Jean to Nova Scotia containing all of Maine & all of Bay of Fundy or most recent still

or Quebec City to Cape Cod, Centered on Bay of Fundy or most recent still


Or make customized images from the website above (msfc.nasa) using these codes

Simulated color zoomable animation for western US with links to other Geostationary Wx products - near-real-time satellite imagery overlays
Google-maps-like interface with latest geostationary images, fire/thermal detections from FIRMS/GIBS, tropical storm tracks, moderate-res from MODIS, and Google-maps-like local basemap.
GOES nighttime fog-product loop for Oregon from NOAA/NESDIS
This animation shows the previous night's clouds over Oregon, distinguishing between high clouds (blue areas in the map) and low clouds/fog (yellow areas in the map). The numbers on this animation are the estimated visibilities, in statute miles, from surface weather stations, and standard meteorological symbols denote fog/mist/haze conditions. This website has fog-product animations for other areas, along with other products such as heavy rainfall, winds, inflight icing, and clear-air turbulence.
Non-Geostationary Satellites Daily true-color MODIS images of the Northwestern US
This site archives daytime images of much of the planet, at a 250-meter nominal resolution, with an archive going back several years in most cases. Click here or here for daily MODIS images from many other areas.
Maps of current sea-surface temperatures from
These use data from NOAA polar-orbiting satellites, available for the Pacific Northwest and other areas.
Sub-Orbital Aircraft
These are oblique aerial photographs of California's coastline from low-altitude, primarily from a hand-held digital camera and a two-person team in a helicopter flown along California's coastline at around 150 to 2000 feet above sea-level.
Surface Radar & Lightning Networks

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Portland Doppler weather radar (from the KRTX station 15mi northwest of 97203)
This link points to the "WSR-88D" model station outside of Portland, which has the identifier of "KRTX." The other nearby WSR-88D stations are, in clockwise order: in Langley Hill, WA, Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA, Pendleton, OR, and Medford, OR). See an overview composite map from all the weather radar in the United States here. You can also overlay animations, single images, and images from multiple radar stations in Google Earth or other programs using KMZ files generated by this page.

Canadian Radar Mosaic, including US Radar mosaic, from Environment Canada or Lightning Animation from GOES-East for full Continental US
Use this to watch maps of lightning strikes in real time for some areas! You can also see Vaisala's map of recent lightning-flash locations in the contiguous United States, as detected by the ground-based National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN).
Worldwide lightning with animated geostationary satellite images
Recent lightning-flash detections from ground-based stations in the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) displayed on top of animated loops of cloud coverage from GOES and other geostationary satellites.
Vertical wind profiler data from NOAA
A wind profiler uses radar to provide estimates of wind speeds and directions above the profiler up to an altitude of about 16 kilometers (10 miles) above the profiler.
Outdoor Environmental Webcams

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Air Quality & Webcams from Many National Parks (on a map, from


Pacific Time Zone (in order from North to South):

Glacier NP of Canada: Rogers Pass webcams & current map of area closures due to avalanche control

Priest Lake, ID Webcam from Hill's Resort (~2mi south of Kalispell boat launch at Priest Lake Marina)

North Cascades NP

Olympic NP Hurricane Ridge / Lake Crescent / Kalaloch Lodge / James Island from First Beach (Center of Puget Sound, has lots of frames with ancillary real-time data sources)

Mt. Rainier NP, also see avalanche report for Rainier from NWAC

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (USFS)

Columbia Gorge Cams, including Multnomah Falls Parking Lot, from

Mt. Hood: SkiBowl, Timberline, Meadows, also see avalanche report for Hood from NWAC

Smith Rock State Park, OR (slightly north of Bend, OR)

Pine Mountain Observatory (Southeast of Bend, OR)

Crater Lake NP

Lassen NP

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park near CA-OR border

Lake Tahoe

Yosemite NP

Sequoia NP

Death Valley

Joshua Tree NP


Mountain Time Zone (in order from North to South):

Jasper SkyTram, Jasper NP

Maligne Lake, Jasper NP

Columbia Icefield, Icefields Parkway between Banff & Jasper NPs

Several Banff & Jasper webcams from

Lake Louise, AB (in Banff National Park): View from Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise

Banff Springs, AB (in Banff National Park): View from Fairmont Hotel at Banff Springs

Other Banff-area webcams by, Alberta, Canada

Theodore Roosevelt NP

Red Lodge, MT (multiple cams from

Yellowstone NP

Grand Teton NP / Jackson Hole Resort Tram

Devils Tower

South Dakota: Deadwood / Black Hills / Mt. Rushmore / Badlands NP / WindCaveArea

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Rocky Mountain NP, also see avalanche report for Colorado

Colorado National Monument

Arches NP

Canyonlands NP

Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

Curecanti NRA (Colorado): View from Elk Creek Campground looking towards Cebolla Basin on Blue Mesa

Great Sand Dunes NP

Zion NP

Grand Canyon NP


Central Time Zone (in order from North to South):

Lake Superior Cameras

Michigan Cameras

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (N Wisconsin on Lake Superior)

Pictured Rocks NL (

Sleeping Bear Dunes at Empire (Michigan LP)


Eastern Time Zone (in order from North to South):

Niagara Falls

Mt. Monadnock SP, New Hampshire

Cape Cod NS

Cleveland, OH

Fire Island NS (from a hotel)

Delaware Water Gap NRA (from Weatherbug)

Assateague Island NS area (from Weatherbug)

Shenandoah NP

Smoky Mountains NP, Look Rock (west end of park)

Smoky Mountains NP, Purchase Knob (east end of park)

Smoky Mountains NP, Twin Creeks Phenocam (north end of park)

Smoky Mountains NP, Leconte Creek Phenocam (north end of park)

Smoky Mountains NP, Newfound Gap (SE end of park)

Smoky Mountains NP, Clingmans Dome (looking west)


UCSB's Campus Point webcam
Real-time streaming video of one of the campus beaches at UCSB (where I received my master and doctoral degrees), looking south from near a place called campus point (which is also called Goleta point).
Diablo Peak webcam, on Santa Cruz Island, California
Real-time and archived images from the last several years showing the view in multiple directions from the top of Picacho Diablo, which, at approximately 754 meters, is the highest point in California's Channel Islands.
TundraCam, user controllable in real-time, from Niwot Ridge, Colorado
This camera is located at approximately 3528 meters (11,600 feet) above sea level, and you can control its pan, tilt, and zoom in real-time from this website.
Twitter by NPS Etc. [alphabetical by name]

Back to Top (US Customs & Border Patrol) (Canada Border Services Agency)
National Units Above, State or Specific below in alphabetical order: (Appalachian Trail Conservancy, not NPS) (Curecanti NRA in Colorado) (Cuyahoga) (Grand Portage NM) [Prince Albert NP] [Riding Mountain NP] [Thousand Islands NP]
Whiskeytown NRA Current Conditions [Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources]
Launch Schedules etc.

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USGS Seamless Data Distribution System
High-resolution DEMs, orthoimages, land-cover data, and images from a variety of sensors, many with global coverage, are available for free download from this site.
NOAA's sunrise, sunset, and solar position calculator
This calculates the more-or-less exact times of sunrise, local solar noon, and sunset, for anywhere on Earth, on any day. It also provides solar zenith angles and other information, and can use formulas that take atmospheric refraction into account in creating these estimates.

Worldwide launch schedule from - often slower to update than

USA (Florida/Texas/Vandenberg/etc.) launch schedule from

Vandenberg launch schedule from

Vandenberg launch schedule by - has SpaceX section as well, detailed hearsay about launches - seems to be choice of people; missions below: for Aug 2022 Starlink 3-4 - some details on timing, mainly just links to livestream & past launches

Map and interactive 3D viewer showing current positions of some satellites
This map updates itself in near real-time, and shows current ground tracks and sub-satellite points for several spacecraft used in remote sensing, along with current areas of daylight and darkness; this website also shows the current location of the subsolar point (the point on Earth's surface from which the sun is directly overhead).
Maps of ground tracks for some satellites


Atmosphere and Ocean:

Weather Forecasts

Back to Top (interactive mapping tool for whole US)

Legacy map of NWS forecast for Portland

AirNow for the whole US or non-interpolated for all of North America with fire locations

AirNow for Portland or Air Quality from Oregon DEQ or WA State Dept of Ecology

AQI for: Alberta,

HRRR Near-Surface Smoke Forecasts (up to ~16hr lead time)

Text forecasts, alphabetical by location:

Acadia, NP [sunrise/sunset times]

Allentown, PA [sunrise/sunset times]

Artist Point, WA (Mt. Baker Area, near "Huntoon Point, WA") [sunrise/sunset times]

Asheville, NC (supercharger just SW of Blue Ridge Parkway) [sunrise/sunset times]

Assateague Island National Seashore (Ocean City, MD) [sunrise/sunset times]

Badlands NP: Wall, SD [sunrise/sunset times]

Baker City, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Banff National Park, AB Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Barstow, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Beaver, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

Bend, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Big Sur, CA (Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, 1201ft) [sunrise/sunset times]

Billings, MT [sunrise/sunset times]

Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP Entrance Station (NWS says 8596ft but really 8389) [sunrise/sunset times]

Boardman, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Boise, ID [sunrise/sunset times]

Boone, NC [sunrise/sunset times]

Brandon, MB [sunrise/sunset times]

Bruce Peninsula NP: Tobermory, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Bryce Canyon, NP: Bryce Canyon City (7,654ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Bryce Canyon, NP: Rainbow Point (9,115ft MSL)

Burlington, ON (Staybridge Suites shared) [sunrise/sunset times]

Burlington, WA [sunrise/sunset times]

Burley, ID [sunrise/sunset times]

Burns, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Canmore, AB, Canada (near Banff National Park; 4688 ft; Wunderground) [sunrise/sunset times]

Cape Cod, MA National Seashore [sunrise/sunset times]

Cedar Breaks NM (10,531ft MSL, just W of Bryce Canyon, NP)

Cheyenne, WY [sunrise/sunset times]

Coeur D'Alene, ID [sunrise/sunset times]

Colby, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Collingwood, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Colorado National Monument, in Grand Junction, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Colusa, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Cooke City, MT

Cookeville, TN [sunrise/sunset times]

Cornwall, ON [last supercharger SW of Quebec; Ramada hosts] [sunrise/sunset times]

Crater Lake NP: Rim Village, (7100ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Curecanti NRA W Entrance (NWS says 7999ft but really 7809) [sunrise/sunset times]

Curecanti NRA E Entrance (NWS says 7530ft but really 7580)

Cuyahoga Valley NP, OH [sunrise/sunset times]

Deadwood, SD [sunrise/sunset times]

Death Valley, NP: Furnace Creek (in center of park) [sunrise/sunset times]

Delaware Water Gap NRA (Stroudsburg, PA) [sunrise/sunset times]

Denver International Airport [sunrise/sunset times]

Detroit Lake, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Devil's Postpile NM, CA (7,560ft MSL but NWS says 7598ft) [sunrise/sunset times]

Devil's Tower NM, WY Visitor Center (3,999ft MSL but NWS says 4255 at Visitor Center) [sunrise/sunset times]

Dryden, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Duluth, MN [sunrise/sunset times]

Edwards, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Effigy Mounds NM, IA

Elk Island NP, near Edmonton, AB [sunrise/sunset times]

Elko, NV [sunrise/sunset times]

Eugene, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Eureka, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Fargo, ND [sunrise/sunset times]

Fundy NP [sunrise/sunset times]

Gananoque, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Gillette, WY [sunrise/sunset times]

Glacier NP: West Entrance

Glenwood Springs, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Goodland, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Golden, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Grand Canyon NP: Grand Canyon Village, AZ (6,804ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Grand Portage NM, MN-LakeSuperior-Canada TriplePoint

Grand Teton NP: Colter Bay, near Signal Mountain Lodge

Great Sand Dunes NP Entrance Station (NWS says 8734ft but really 8144) [sunrise/sunset times]

Green Bay, WI [sunrise/sunset times]

Green River, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

Harrisonburg, VA (supercharger just W of Shendandoah NP) [sunrise/sunset times]

Hays, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Hinton, AB, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Hovenweep NM Visitor Center (5,361ft says NWS but really 5247) [sunrise/sunset times]

Idaho Falls, ID [sunrise/sunset times]

Idaho Springs, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Indiana Dunes NP

Jackson, WY [sunrise/sunset times]

Jasper, AB / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Kamloops, BC / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Kelowna, BC / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, FL [sunrise/sunset times]

Kenora, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Kingston, ON [Courtyard by Marriott hosts] [sunrise/sunset times]

Klamath Falls, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Knoxville, TN [sunrise/sunset times]

Kouchibouguac NP, NB [sunrise/sunset times]

Lake Louise, AB; Lake level = 5800ft; this says 1567ft but 1567m = 5141ft; Wunderground) [sunrise/sunset times]

Lake Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Las Vegas, NV [sunrise/sunset times]

Lassen Volcanic NP: North Entrance (5,597ft MSL)

Lassen Volcanic NP: Lassen Peak (10,457ft MSL)

Lassen Volcanic NP: South Entrance (6,707ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Lexington, VA [sunrise/sunset times]

Lone Pine, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Lovelock, NV [sunrise/sunset times]

Lynchburg, VA (supercharger just E of Blue Ridge Parkway) [sunrise/sunset times]

Lynnfield, MA [sunrise/sunset times]

Mammoth Lakes, CA (8,301ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Mendocino, CA (surrounded by Russian Gulch SP, Van Damme Beach SP, sea level) [sunrise/sunset times]

Mesa Verde NP Entrance Station (6,929ft says NWS but really 7097) [sunrise/sunset times]

Missoula, MT [sunrise/sunset times]

Minneapolis, MN [sunrise/sunset times]

Moab, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

Mojave, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Monadnock SP, NH

Monterey, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Montreal, QC [sunrise/sunset times]

Morro Bay, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Mt. Airy, NC (supercharger just E of Blue Ridge Parkway) [sunrise/sunset times]

Mt Hood: Government Camp (3,740ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Mt Hood: Timberline Lodge (5,957ft MSL)

Mt. Shasta, CA (the city at 3,513ft MSL, not the mountain) [sunrise/sunset times]

Mt. Washington SP, New Hampshire

New York, NY

Niagara Falls SP / Niagara Falls, ON by Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Nipigon, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

North Cascades NP: Newhalem, WA (1,493ft is what NWS thinks) [sunrise/sunset times]

Oakland, CA

Oceanside, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Olympic NP: Cape Flattery [sunrise/sunset times]

Olympic NP: Hoh Rain Forest

Olympic NP: Hurricane Ridge

Olympic NP: Kalaloch [sunrise/sunset times]

Olympic NP, Lake Crescent [sunrise/sunset times]

Olympic NP, Lake Quinault

Olympic NP, Lyre River Campground (N of Lake Crescent, 2.5mi S of Strait of Juan de Fuca)

Olympic NP, Ozette

Olympic NP, Shi Shi Beach [sunrise/sunset times]

Olympic NP, Sol Duc Hot Springs

Olympic NP, Staircase/Hamma Hamma [sunrise/sunset times]

Ontario, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Owen Sound, ON (Best Western unshared) [sunrise/sunset times]

Oxnard, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Parachute, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Parry Sound, ON (McDonalds adjacent Comfort Inn) [sunrise/sunset times]

Pendleton, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Peninsula SP, WI (on Green Bay)

Portland 97203 [sunrise/sunset times]

Pictured Rocks NL, MI [sunrise/sunset times]

Pinnacles National Park, CA: East Entrance (~1230ft) [sunrise/sunset times]

Pinnacles National Park, CA: West Entrance (~1969ft)

Pipestone NM (MN), just NNE of Sioux Falls, SD

Prawda, MB [unavailable from Wunderground] [sunrise/sunset times]

Price, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

Prince Albert, SK: 1hr (~97km) south of Prince Albert NP [sunrise/sunset times]

Prince Albert National Park: Waskesiu Lake, SK [sunrise/sunset times]

Pukaskwa National Park: Pic River, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Quebec City [sunrise/sunset times]

Rainier: Paradise Visitor Center, Mt. Rainier NP

Rainier: Sunrise Visitor Center, Mt. Rainier NP

Rapid City, SD [sunrise/sunset times]

Red Bluff, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Redwood NP North Entrance near Crescent City, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Revelstoke, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Riding Mountain NP: Onanole, MB (~3km S of Clear Lake) [sunrise/sunset]

Rivière-du-Loup, QC (Hôtel Universel hosts & is shared) [sunrise/sunset]

Roanoke, VA [sunrise/sunset times]

Rocky Mountain NP: Bear Lake Trailhead, (~10,000ft)

Rocky Mountain NP: Estes Park, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Rocky Mountain NP: Fall River Pass (11,796ft, Alpine Visitor Center)

Rocky Mountain NP: Grand Lake (SW) Entrance

Rocky Mountain NP: Milner Pass (10,758ft, just W of Alpine Visitor Center)

Salina, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Salmon Arm, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Salt Lake City, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

San Diego, CA: 92121 [sunrise/sunset times]

San Diego, CA: 92131

San Francisco: Golden Gate NRA

San Luis Obispo, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Santa Barbara, CA: Isla Vista [sunrise/sunset times]

Sault Ste. Marie, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Seabrook, NH [sunrise/sunset times]

Seattle, WA

Sequoia NP, North Entrance (6401ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Shenandoah NP, Front Royal, VA [sunrise/sunset times]

Silverthorne, CO [sunrise/sunset times]

Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI [sunrise/sunset times]

Smoky Mtns NP: Gatlinburg, TN [sunrise/sunset times]

St. Leonard, NB [first E of Quebec; HillTopMotel shared] sunrise/sunset times]

St. Louis, MO [sunrise/sunset times]

Stamford, CT (likely last viable supercharger E of NYC) [sunrise/sunset times]

Stateline, NV / South Lake Tahoe, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Sudbury, ON (Hampton Inn shared lot) [sunrise/sunset times]

Susanville, CA [sunrise/sunset times]

Tallgrass Prairie NP, SW of Topeka, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Terrace Bay, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

The Dalles, OR [sunrise/sunset times]

Theodore Roosevelt NP: Medora, ND [sunrise/sunset times]

Thousand Islands NP: Mallorytown, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Topeka, KS [sunrise/sunset times]

Toronto, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Tremonton, UT [sunrise/sunset times]

Twin Falls, ID [sunrise/sunset times]

Upsala, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Valemount, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Vancouver, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Vandenberg AFB: "Hawk's Nest" viewing area NW of Lompoc (abandoned subdivision at Azalea Lane & Camellia Lane)

Vandenberg AFB: "Surf Beach" viewing area that's closed for some launches [sunrise/sunset] Beach Status from .mil

Vernon, BC, Canada / Wunderground [sunrise/sunset times]

Washington, DC [sunrise/sunset times]

Wawa, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

West Wendover, NV (4,245ft MSL, on Utah border) [sunrise/sunset times]

White River, ON [sunrise/sunset times]

Wind Cave NP Visitor Center (4,180ft says NWS but really 4101) [sunrise/sunset times]

Winnemucca, NV [sunrise/sunset times]

Yellowstone: Canyon Village

Yellowstone: Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone: Norris

Yellowstone: Old Faithful

Yellowstone: West Thumb

Yellowstone: West Yellowstone [sunrise/sunset times]

Yosemite: Fish Camp, CA (5,108 ft MSL, near south entrance to Yosemite)

Yosemite: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir (4042 ft MSL)

Yosemite: Lee Vining, CA (7,654 ft MSL near east entrance to Tioga Pass)

Yosemite: Porcupine Flat (8,399 ft MSL halfway through Tioga Rd)

Yosemite Valley (4,760 ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]

Zion NP: Zion Canyon Visitors Center (4,003 ft MSL) [sunrise/sunset times]


Time-series graph showing the current NWS weather forecast for 97203
This displays an experimental NWS digital weather forecast product as a time-series graph, which is more temporally detailed than the text or map forecast products above.
Discussion of current NWS forecast for the Portland NWS Office's Area
These discussions are issued from other NWS forecast offices as well, but this link goes to the Portland office, which handles forecasts for northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington, an area known as the NWS Office's "County Warning Area."

Dark Sky (Astronomy) Forecasts for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon, Northwest Territories
US: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
Also see and a static light pollution map from

Snow accumulation and freezing rain forecast maps for the US
These are experimental products from the NWS, as snow accumulations and freezing rain are very difficult to forecast accurately, but they can be quite useful.
Severe weather forecasts from the NWS Storm Prediction Center
This includes forecast products aimed at severe weather such as tornadoes, hail, fire, and damaging winds. This website also includes an archive of severe weather event summaries from the past, with details about tornado touchdowns and other severe weather events.
Past & present hurricane tracks and forecasts, from Unisys
This maps current locations of all active tropical storms worldwide, and their projected paths, along with archives of storms from the last several years. Also see the National Hurricane Center forecasts of active tropical storms, with cones of uncertainty, wind forecasts, and watch/warning areas.

Weather Maps & Charts

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Current synoptic surface weather chart on top of GOES infrared
Yellow lines are isobars (areas of constant air pressure) adjusted to sea-level, and turquoise numbers are estimated air pressures, in millibars, in the centers of low and high pressure areas (labeled with the letters L and H, respectively). Related products like radar overlays on synoptic charts, and descriptions of other symbols in synoptic charts, are available here.
Current synoptic surface weather charts with air temperatures and more
These maps offer options for overlays of surface air temperatures and dewpoints with isobars, winds, and satellite images, so they provide a few combinations of variables not available from the link above. These are from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Interactive map of current METARs from surface weather stations in North America
Left click in this Java map to draw a zoom-in rectangle, and use the checkboxes below the map to view different numbers of stations and variables. See the legend on this page for descriptions of symbols used in the map. Variables displayed include air temperature, dewpoint, weather, winds, ceiling height and visibility. Also see this non-interactive version centered on the Portland area with pressures in inches of mercury or this version with pressures in millibars.
Current and archived snow depths and related data for the US
This produces customized interpolated maps of snow depth, snow water equivalent, snowfall aggregated over 24-, 48-, or 72-hour periods, and other related variables like air temperature, solar radiation, and snow melt rates.
MesoWest customizable maps of surface station data
This displays data from RAWS, NWS, and other stations on a map, with options for overlays of estimated precipitation and other variables. Also see the MesoWest map for Portland from the NWS.
Numerical Weather Models

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Recent numerical weather model forecasts from NCEP
Weather forecasters base many of their decisions on output from these and other weather forecasting computer models, which use data from surface stations, radiosondes, and other sources, along with the laws of physics and parameterizations of atmospheric processes, to simulate upcoming weather. Click here to learn more about numerical weather models.
Recent numerical weather model forecasts from Unisys
These are similar to the outputs from the link above, but with a different interface.
Recent numerical weather model forecasts from
This site provides outputs from the same models as the websites above, but with a customized interface that's particularly useful for advanced forecasting.
Recent numerical weather model forecasts from
This site provides outputs from the same models as the websites above, but the interface and mapping products are tailored to many of the variables most useful for forecasting severe weather and especially gauging the probabilities of tornado formation. has many of the same outputs as well but with a different interface particularly suited to forecasting for wind/wave/snow sports.
Recent output from the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model
This numerical model is particularly useful in forecasting convective storms, with frames every 15 minutes, on a 3-kilometer spatial grid that's fine enough to resolve many aspects of thunderstorm development.
UCSB's weather forecast products
This includes data products and models from UCSB (where I received my master and doctoral degrees).
University of Washington's Page of Models with MM5 & More
This provides output from the MM5 model,
Model Output Statistics (MOS) - Explanations and data products
MOS products
Surface & Upper-Air Stations

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Observed Precipitation Maps (from the past day, month, and year)
This provides maps of observed precipitation amounts for anywhere in the United States, using a combination of data from radar and tipping-bucket rain gages (yes, "gages" and "guages" are both considered correct spellings). NOAA's cooperative observer program also provides precipitation maps such as snowfall depth and daily accumulations. You can also see a map with just rain gage measurements for California and Nevada here. Watch these during storms!
Current weather station data (METARs); Portland International Airport is "KPDX"
Most ASOS stations are located at commercial airports, and their output is usually coded in the "METAR" format. METAR is an international acronym that basically means "routine meteorological measurements." Click here for instructions on how to decode METARs (or just click the box for translated METARs when using this site).
Current and archived global radiosonde soundings (vertical atmospheric profiles)
Archived surface station plots, synoptic charts, satellite images, and more
This is from Unisys, and focuses mostly on the United States. Archives of surface station plots, synoptic charts, and other products going back for several years are also available from NOAA here, and you can download similar products in the form of customizable charts from Plymouth State here.
Database of record temperatures and precipitation from NCDC
This allows you to find the hottest/coldest recorded temperatures on various days from most stations in the US, along with record-tying and record-breaking values for precipitation and other variables.
Hourly data from many stations from the NCDC global archive (or go here)
Most stations in this archive are airports, and the archive is quite comprehensive.
NCDC archive data for stations in the United States
Similar to the link above, but generally only allows you to download one month of data at a time, and only for the United States, although it does have some features not available from the link above.
This provides long-term surface weather station and streamflow data from a variety of locations.
Portland-area local climatology: daily, monthly, and records, from NOAA
This National Weather Service page shows long-term averages from surface stations in the Portland area for various meteorological variables, like rainfall and air temperatures, and comparisons from recent daily or yearly observations to these long-term values. Similar pages are available for most other populated areas within the US, and this page has links to local climatologies for most large cities in the US.
Large-Scale Climate

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Monthly-average maps & graphs of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and other data
The NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis project
Daily-mean maps & graphs of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and other data
Same as above but with different options for date ranges and compositing.
Date-range composite maps & graphs of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and other data
Same as above but with different options for date ranges and compositing.
Other climate data plotters and analysis products from CDC
Similar to the links above but with many other data sources and visualization options.
Fine-resolution climate data from PRISM at Oregon State
Similar to the links above, the PRISM group uses lots of statistics to fill-in data gaps and provide estimates of climatological variables, but at much finer spatial resolutions than the above sources (such as ~800 meter grids). PRISM data are available for the United States and a few other selected areas.
Waves and Water Properties

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Numerical model forecasts of swells and other water properties from NOAA or
Water Quality Monitoring at Oregon Beaches and the Willamette River
Other sites provide similar data specific to various states and counties, such as beaches in San Diego County (California), Santa Barbara County (California), Ohio, and Michigan. This list is obviously tailored to where I swim the most.
NOAA's National Data Buoy Center and UCSD's Coastal Data Information Program
These provide water temperatures, wave heights, periods, directions, and more, for many locations globally; the UCSD site has more analytical tools like wave histograms and directional (polar) spectrum plots.
Columbia River Estuary Conditions
This includes water temperature, salinity, currents, winds, and water level for the Columbia River Estuary. and
These are surfing-focused sources for wave-forecasting models, buoys, maps, current, and archived conditions; also see the SoCal-focused
Tide predictions from
Includes plots for any date/time, with many stations
Other Atmosphere & Ocean Links

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Current position and status for aircraft near PDX atop weather radar
This shows the current positions, and archived flight data, for aircraft near PDX, or most other airports. While watching this you should listen to real-time radio between aircraft and ground/tower/approach at PDX.
Great Lakes Water Temperatures: Current and Archived Data
This shows the current ice concentrations and water temperatures for all of the Great Lakes, as derived from satellite measurements, which are important for lake-effect snow forecasting.
Current positions of over 10,000 ships worldwide
This is from and has details about each vessel. See this to learn more.
Glossary of Meteorological Terms, from NWS
This is an intermediate-level glossary that covers most of the terms and acronyms used in the National Weather Service forecast discussions. Here's a more advanced glossary from the American Meteorological society.
Meteorology education and training, from
These tutorials range from beginner-level to extremely advanced, and cover modern weather-prediction technology and many topics in atmospheric science and forecasting.
Climatological maps and tables for Western US stations from
Long-range averages for many meteorological variables, displayed in maps, graphs, and tables.
Channel Islands Weather Kiosk
Winds, swells, tides, radar, and other products focused on the area around the California Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Air quality maps and forecasts from / US EPA
This provides animated maps and other visualizations of current and forecasted air quality across the United States.
Air quality maps and info for the United States from
Shows maps, surface-station measurements, and satellite images, depicting current air quality across the United States, along with archived air-quality reports from the recent past, and text describing the types of the air pollutants present in the maps and images, such as smoke from fires.
NOAA SpaceWeather Discussion on Space Weather Enthusiasts Dashboard
Text-based discussion and other Aurora-Forecasting Tools (meteor showers, solar wind, auroras, etc.) and the similar
Forecasts and data products for the components of weather that are most related to space.

Current maps of aurora activity levels from and the citizen-scientist enhanced (and NASA-funded)
This shows current aurora activity from a computational model. Also see these aurora forecasts from the University of Alaska and from along with recent aurora photos from around the world. And use to see how much the terrain might block your view.

Aurora links from

If you didn't find it on my page, try this one
This page has lots of additional links to sources of real-time and archived atmospheric data, and it's organized by Jon Michael Nese of the Penn State Meteorology Department. You might also find Penn State's e-Wall of current and recent satellite, radar and numerical weather model outputs to be useful.


Land and Sub-Surface:

Topographic Data

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National Parks Official Maps by NPS
Slope angle overlay available for avalanche risk throughout North America (most avalanches occur on slopes between 34-45 degrees, peaking around 39 degrees). With no CalTopo account, for free, you can use their 'print' button (not the browser's or ctrl-P) to generate a geospatial PDF that will supply a URL valid for 7 days, then copy this URL and add it to the Avenza app: this is acutally easier than saving the map as a PDF and dealing with iOS interface limitations.
Oregon Lidar Data Viewer from
This provides very high-resolution topographic data for many parts of Oregon, as mapped by lidar, in a very interactive viewer.
USGS Seamless Data Distribution System
High-resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), orthoimages, land-cover data, and images from a variety of sensors, many with global coverage, are available for free download from this site.
USGS Topographic Maps
This includes the classic 1:24,000-scale topographic maps, also known as 7.5-minute quadrangles, which are available for the entire United States.
Nautical Charts from NOAA
Along coastlines, these include topography and bathymetry (underwater topography).
Plate Tectonics

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Recent and historic earthquake detections and seismograms from USGS
This site includes global and local maps of recent and historic earthquakes, along with seismograph data, an alert system you can customize to automatically send you e-mails or text messages when quakes of certain magnitudes are detected in certain areas, and more. Also see the tsunami alert system below.
Get tsunami warnings sent to your cell phone, from NOAA
You can get e-mail, text message, or Twitter alerts sent to your cell phone for tsunami warnings using this tool, but these aren't as fully operational as they should be (not 100% reliable, and they could definitely be faster) see details here and here, while this global earthquake alert system,
Current Status of Volcanoes in the US, and Global Volcanic Info from USGS
This includes alert status for active volcanoes in the US, and information about global volcanic activity, volcanic processes, eruptions, and volcano-related hazards.
Earthquakes FAQ from USGS
This is a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about how earthquakes work, plate tectonics, and earthquake safety. See more earthquake safety tips here.
Mass Wasting (Avalanches etc.) & Soils

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Current Avalanche Forecasts for PNW from Northwest Avalanche Center ( (Avalanche forecasts for Canada by Canadian Government)

[Alphabetical below this for my frequently-used; see next section down for links to all from a map]

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Banff NP, Yoho NP, and Kootenay NP (Canada)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Bridger-Teton

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Colorado from

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Flathead (Montana)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Gallatin (Montana)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Glacier NP of Canada (British Columbia, Canada)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Jasper NP (Alberta, Canada)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Payette, Idaho

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Sawtooth Mtns (Idaho)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Mt. Shasta, CA

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Sierras

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Utah

Current Avalanche Forecasts for Mt. Washington (New Hampshire)

Current Avalanche Forecasts for West Central Montana (Missoula)

Links to all US Avalanche Forecast Centers


Avalanche Conditions US map that links to regional avalanche centers (from, useful for visializing multi-state ranges) or for the Canadian version
Also see for all of North America in a topo map interface that color-codes with slope angles and maps avalanche forecasts (most avalanches occur on slopes between 34-45 degrees, peaking around 39 degrees). With no CalTopo account, for free, you can use their 'print' button (not the browser's or ctrl-P) to generate a geospatial PDF that will supply a URL valid for 7 days, then copy this URL and add it to the Avenza app: this is acutally easier than saving the map as a PDF and dealing with iOS interface limitations.

Create custom soils maps using USDA data
This can produce a soil map for any area you specify in the US using the United States Department of Agriculture's soils database. You can also learn more about the data and see more soil surveys at
This includes links to many soil erosion models, and soils data.
World Soil Information from
Includes international soils maps and data.
Landslide Hazards Program from USGS
This site includes information about landslide events and landslide hazards worldwide.
Snow, Glacier, and Avalanche Research from USGS
This site includes research and data sources relevant to snow, glacial processes, and avalanches. For more information about avalanches, do a Google search for "avalanche control" for the state or region in which you're interested, as avalanche risk analysis and management are typically handled at regional and local levels.

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NOAA's Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service
This includes a large number of rain gages and river gauges (yes they're sometimes spelled "gages" for rain and sometimes "gauges" for rivers, but this varies) throughout the United States. This also has a regional view for the Portland area.
NOAA's River Forecast Center for the entire United States
Near real-time and archived data from rain and river gages are available from this site, which can be very useful in forecasting floods, and fun to watch during storms. The USGS also provides similar data, such as at this site that includes river water temperature, stream velocity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, along with concentrations of chlorophyll, cyanobacteria, and nitrate for the Willamette River at Portland and other stations around the US.
Flora & Fauna

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Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks: Weekly bear report - The mountain national parks (by Parks Canada)
Grizzlies abount in the Alberta and British Columbia mountain parks of Canada.

Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier National Park of Canada: Weekly Bear Report (by Parks Canada)
Grizzlies abount in the Alberta and British Columbia mountain parks of Canada.

The US EPA's DataFinder
This searches a variety of environmental databases maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
USDA Plant Guide
A huge, well-organized database including photos and other information about the flora of the United States.
Botanical Society of America's Online Image Collection
A searchable database similar to the link above.

Oregon State's identification database for more than just Oregon-natives and searchable database of California plants
Like the links above.

California Plants from
Another good source for photos of California's flora.
Fires (see smoke below)

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National Fire News from
Includes updated estimates of burned areas, containment, and causes of currently burning fires across the United States, along with fire statistics by state, and comparisons to previous fire seasons.
InciWeb (Incident Information System)
Most large fires in the United States get a page on InciWeb within a few days of when they start, which is then updated frequently with maps, photos, measures of burned areas, and estimated containment dates. Current Status of Fire Crews
This is another useful source for monitoring currently burning fires and planned strategies for containment and suppression.
Current and archived fire detection maps from MODIS
Google Earth KML files for mapping MODIS fire detections
Smoke Smoke from current fires and atmospheric models
This shows output from numerical weather models that forecast locations and concentrations of smoke up to a few days into the future from existing wildfires.
Other Land & Sub-Surface Links

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Interactive map with attractions & other AAA info once found in Tour Books.
Oregon recreational site status, interagency (Oregon State Parks, Federal Lands, and so on, updated regularly) - reports of food poisonings



Road Conditions & Border Waits


Alphabetically by state/prov
for each cell

Metro etc. within that state
= within that cell

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Border wait times, US into Canada; also see their links to other sites for border wait times at bottom of their page:
Border wait times, Canada into US; also see their links to other sites for border wait times at bottom of their page:
Border wait times, Canada or Mexico into US, dropdown menu uses name of US town at crossing, harder to use than pages above:

British Columbia
Idaho (the southern ~60% is on Mountain, the northern ~40% is on Pacific)
Kentucky (western ~50% is Central, the rest is Eastern)
Nebraska, full Featured; Nebraska's western 40% is Mountain, the rest is Central
Nebraska, streamlined (low-bandwidth)
New Brunswick
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota (only the eastern ~55%, plus the entire Northern Half, is on Central)
Nova Scotia

Oregon Department of Transportation's (ODOT)
Oregon. TripCheck also features an interactive map of Oregon Sno-Parks with their designated uses (extreme SE Oregon is on Mountain Time)

      Portland Detailed Winter Road Conditions and Positions of Snowplows, etc.
Prince Edward Island
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota (only the eastern ~55% is on Central)
Tennessee (western ~70% is Central, the rest is Eastern)
Texas and
Utah; this static map shows where chains are sometimes required in Utah.
Washington State Department of Transportation: SR20 (North Cascades); All Mountain Passes
Washington State
Washington DC
West Virginia
EV Route Planners
Accounts for temperature, wind, and other variables relevant to EVs. Also see this thoroughly-planned-and-documented route for driving a Tesla around parks in WY-CO-UT-NM-AZ. - Supercharger map & discussion
Tesla Supercharger Locations From Tesla (Tesla Firmware Tracker)
Hiking Trails, Trail Reports

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National Park Service (NPS) / NPS Cartographic Office Maps (Unigrids)


Parks Canada

Weekly bear report for Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks of Canada- The mountain national parks (by Parks Canada)
See the above plus frequently-updated trail status for the individual parks below.

Banff NP Trail Conditions / BanffNow Real-Time Parking Lot Status at Trailheads etc. /

Elk Island NP Trail Conditions

Fundy NP Trail Conditions

Glacier NP of Canada: Status Map of Winter Restricted Areas from Avalanche-Clearing Artillery

Glacier NP of Canada: Trail Conditions

Jasper NP Trail Conditions

Kootenay NP Trail Conditions

Kouchibouguac NP Trail Conditions

La Mauricie NP Trail Conditions

Mt. Revelstoke NP Trail Conditions, including Road Status for Meadows in the Sky

Prince Albert NP Trail Conditions

Pukaskwa NP Trail Conditions

Riding Mountain NP Trail Conditions

Yoho NP Trail Conditions in alphabetical order by park name or region:















































National Park Service Catrographic Office - All Official Maps, Unigrids, Trail Maps, etc.
Washington Trails Association
Camping and Land Ownership/GIS

Back to Top and
BLM Interactive Map of National Land Data (administrative status, etc. not super-user-friendly)
US Geospatial One-Stop at
This is a search engine for a great variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.
Quantum GIS (free, open-source GIS software)

Quick price check on Model X tires for the specs in the sticker on my car (2018 TESLA MODEL X 100D 265/45-20F 275/45-20R)


How to Read Tire Size Numbers, from Discount Tire

Time, Date, Great Circles

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Converts to/from any time zone, including UTC, and describes daylight savings rules for many areas worldwide.
Julian Date Conversion Table
Use this to convert to/from Julian Dates.
Exact dates and times of solstices and equinoxes
The June solstice doesn't always happen on June 21 (and time zones matter too); this shows the dates and times of solstices, equinoxes, perihelion, and aphelion, for the next few years, and for the last few years.
Great Circle Route Plotter
This draws a great circle route between any two points on Earth and calculates the exact distance along that route (in other words, the shortest distance between any two points on Earth).
Other Tools Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System
One of several programs that can generate maps of real-time and predicted ground tracks for many satellites.
Tesla parts catalog; login with Tesla credentials.

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I created, and continue to maintain, this collection of links and descriptions; please e-mail if anything needs to be updated, or if you'd like to use portions of this collection elsewhere.

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